IMG_0235I actually wrote a longish piece about  the newest Trials game from RedLynx in English, but as I also happened to write a review about it in the newest issue of Pelaaja, I decided to not to publish my text here. Long story short: Trials Frontier is a good game hindered by it’s free-to-play shenanigans, but you can read more about in my review. Or you could actually try the game yourself, if you happen to own an iOS device new enough, as it is free to download, although it may not be available everywhere.

RedLynx actually published an update for the game. I have yet to check it out, but it sounded like they were addressing some of the issues at least to some degree. The difficult thing about reviewing a game like that is of course the fact that the game may change a lot through updates. Hopefully RedLynx will keep up doing it. I can’t wait for Trials Fusion that’s coming out later this year. Should be a blast.



Some time ago, I think it was in December, the lovely people of Pelaaja magazine asked their writers if they would like to write short blog posts about personal choices for the best games of the year. They’ve been publishing those texts on recently. Today was my turn, and you can read it over there, in Finnish naturally, but anyone should be able to understand at least the names of the games.

As for the choices, it is of course difficult to try to lift some games higher than others. Often many games have many great qualites but ultimately they are so different, that comparing them seems a little bit stupid. Also, I naturally haven’t played all the games that have been published. Having said this, you should understand that the list or the order of these games is not absolute. These are just five games I wanted to highlight because I feel like they were somehow special and meant something.

When compiling the list, I had some difficulties picking out five really good games. There were good games like BioShock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V that failed to feel personal in any sense. Luckily I bought some titles off the Steam sale and played them during Christmas break. From that batch, Brothers and Papers, Please made my list, but I’ve yet to play Gone Home or The Swapper and also just tried some Kerbal Space Program, so the ultimate list could be a little bit different. Hopefully I will write at least something about these games later on.

The newest issue of Pelaaja has a review written by yours truly. I tested out a newish iOS game KingHunt, developed by Mountain Sheep, a Finnish company. To sum it up, it’s very much like Fruit Ninja, so if you like slicing stuff up, you might wanna check it out or read my review.

One could of course ponder, what’s the point of reviewing games costing something like one Euro. Why not just pay and download instead of wasting your time reading a review? Well, reviews can help to bring out games that people might not otherwise notice, besides offering interesting critique for those interested and feedback for the developers. But mobile games are a bit different to review compared to for example high profile console games.


I’ve been using Twitter for a few years now and it’s not unusual for me to get asked something along the lines of “why do people use Twitter” or “do people use Twitter”. I know the answer to the latter question, but the first one is a little bit trickier. It’s good to ponder why people use social media in general and maybe then consider what differentiates Twitter from it’s main competitor, Facebook. Twitter has been taking off in the mainstream only rather recently, while Facebook has been around for a while. Things might be changing in the future, however.

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I think I’ve quite often mentioned that I’ve had some difficulties deciding how I should use my time. On one hand I’ve had my studies and on the other hand my passion towards videogames and writing. We’ve now done KonsoliFIN Podcast for almost two and a half years, but in the recent years I’ve got great writing opportunities besides increased (and then decreased) responsibility in KonsoliFIN. First there was the infamous (hardly, as I don’t know if anyone ever read it) Coke Gaming Zone blog on MSN. Then I started writing for H-Twon (Pelaaja Magazine and website).

Late last summer, pretty much out of nowhere, I got a very intriguing offer. I was told that they were planning to bring IGN into Finland. At first I was naturally kind of confused: How? Why? What is this? This came just before KonsoliFIN’s trip to Gamescom last year. Up to that moment I had kept my studies as a top priority, even though I managed to waste a lot of time on video games and writing about them. This offer, however, was one that a person like me could hardly refuse. I knew from the get-go that there would be many difficulties and challenges with bringing a website like IGN to Finland. My studies were pretty much at the point where I could’ve started working my master’s thesis so that was maybe my last chance to really have a go at it and see how working in the games media would feel, even if not full-time but part-time and not as a freelancer.

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I think I might have a problem – a need to buy new gadgets, tech stuff, electronics. In the beginning of this summer this need manifested itself again. Suddenly I wanted to buy a tablet device, or to be more precise, a new iPad. I did just that, so now I’m going to talk a little bit about using an iPad (not only for consumption but also for production) and what kind of accessories I’ve bought.
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Runeberg cake & cat mug

So yeah, some of you might have already heard and others couldn’t care less, but I’m starting to write news pieces for, the website of the Finnish gaming magazine Pelaaja. The contract also includes the possibility of reviews and such for the magazine, so we’ll see how that develops.

My agreement with Pelaaja doesn’t rule out the possibility of continuing with KonsoliFIN and I don’t intend on leaving the site. I’ve been working on the site for about six and a half years already. It’s been an active part of my everyday life and given me awesome friends and experiences. Actually, I couldn’t imagine my life without KonsoliFIN anymore, as strange it sounds. KonsoliFIN is “just” a hobby after all. On the other hand, it’s good to try something new once in a while. That’s one lesson I’ve been trying to apply recently in my life.

My contract with the MSN Gaming Zone comes also to an end in the near future, so I’ll be moving on from that project. It’s certainly been an interesting experience. However, I would have hoped more traffic and more visibility for the whole gaming zone, my blog included.

But anyways, there should be some interesting times ahead for me at least. I’ll also have to see what kind of a job I’ll land for the next summer. I should also be finalizing the plans for a master’s thesis for autumn. God help us all indeed.