As I’ve told before, I started going to gym somewhere in February, I don’t remember the exact date. I’ve been continuing that ever since while doing some adjustments. Last time I was asked about how I’m training, so now I’m going to tell more about that. Just keep in mind that I’m not an expert in this subject and I’m mostly writing based on my own experiences, not some scientifically tested data.

First of all, let’s talk motivation and targets. Well, to be honest, I don’t have a clear cut objective for my training myself. I just thought I would like to get rid of some unnecessary body fat and maybe improve my health in the process. I haven’t measured my energy consumption or followed too closely how I’m training: I eat when I’m hungry and try to train listening to my body and according to my abilities and energy level at the moment.

It looks like I’m making some progression towards the first target: when I started training, the classic analog scale at the gym told my weight was almost 92kilograms. On Saturday, the same scale read 86.7 kilograms. I was quite shocked at the reading, as an electric scale had told me just a week before my mass was about 88 kilograms. Okay, I had only eaten my breakfast before Saturday’s training session, but still. Okay, to put the weight into a perspective I should maybe add that I’m about 189 centimeters tall, so if I’m going to keep training, I don’t know how much mass I can lose. Read More