Ubisoft announced that their plans for Far Cry 4 downloadable content recently. The plan includes – well, of course – a season pass and some day one additional content. Maybe Ubisoft has calculated that this is the way to go, but let’s think about the rationale behind these kinds of DLC plans for a moment.

Firstly, Far Cry 4 is supposed to be a content rich game. In the previous game, you had enough to keep you busy for 20 hours easily, and I don’t suppose Far Cry 4 is going to be very much different in that regard. I don’t fully understand, then, why would the players need more contend immediately on the release day.

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I watched the newest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness recently, mostly because I didn’t think that the first new one was that bad. Well, the second one is also pretty entertaining if forgettable, but as a “scientist”, there are a few interesting details I’d like to discuss.

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