selanneIf there was a vote for the most popular or least hated person in Finland, the winner could easily be Teemu Selänne. He’s a guy that seems incapable of doing things wrong. Well, if you believe Sel8nne, a documentary film concentrating on Teemu’s life, he might just be that.

The documentary basically goes through Teemu’s career from juniors to recent years. In this sense, it does not hold any surprises for a sports fan, even though it’s nice to have a recap before Teemu finally retires after this season – and I do believe he will really do it this time. And his story is pretty great, especially the comeback after the lockout and finally winning Stanley Cup.

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There are moments in life in which you feel really disconnected from your environment. I experienced such a moment on Sunday.

I’ve always been a fan of sports. Mostly likely it’s due to the environment I grew up in. My brothers collected ice hockey cards and I ended up playing floorball and football and also doing athletics. Sports are also very compatible with my somewhat competitive nature. I admire the skill, the talent and the dedication the top athletes show.

I still remember the excitement from 1995 when Finland won gold for the first time in ice hockey and the disappointment when the team did not win gold in the Olympics in 2006. In the last year or so, I’ve witnessed a few soccer matches between Finland and other European countries in the Olympic stadium. I can’t wait for the Socchi Olympics to start and see the best hockey players gather together once again.