One day I felt the sudden need to buy myself a new audio system. You might laugh, but I had this image of me waking up in my bed, grabbing my iPad or phone to activate the sound system and play something epic via Spotify. Now I’ve achieved that “dream” by buying a new AV receiver and a pair of speakers. I’m no audiophile so you should not expect a very technical of my new equipment but instead some comments about the general experience.

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It was 2008 and I had just moved to Espoo for my studies at then Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, now Aalto University. I don’t quite remember how, but somehow I ended up listening to Ayreon a lot. Previously I had heard only one song from Ayreon, and that was “A Dawn of a Million Souls”. Of course, hearing just a single piece of music from these concept albums doesn’t do it any justice. But since 2008, I’ve been quite hooked by the atmospheric, experimental and simply epic arrangements of not just Ayreon, but Arjen Lucassen, the mastermind behind Ayreon and many other projects.

I might have mentioned in my blog last year that I was really looking towards once very particular album, and that was Lucassen’s “Lost in the New Real”. I’ve been listening to it a lot since it was released, but somehow I just now got the inspiration to actually write about it, almost a year after its initial launch. I know I don’t often write anything about music and maybe there’s a reason for that, as I don’t tend to be very analytical when it comes to music. And yes, I don’t know shit about music, so that’s even less than about videogames, TV shows or movies – if that’s possible.

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