I’ve now had the pleasure of using my Panasonic-Leica 25mm f1.4 quite a lot more, as the lens hasn’t left my OM-D since I got it. I visited my mother and brother in Kokkola on May Day. Some wise man once said that the true test of a lens comes when shooting cats. Well, I probably just made that up and I’m not that wise, but it was still nice to get to shoot some cats. As in cat pictures, not actually shooting them dead, that would be horrible. And to be honest, I did shoot a lot of other things, too.


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I had a fantastically funny experience on Tuesday. I went to Stockholm to check out Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the behalf of Pelaaja. I slept maybe for an hour before heading to the airport at 4:30 am and haven’t really slept since, except maybe a little in the airplane, but the flights between Stockholm and Helsinki are not very long.

So yes, I was very tired when I was walking on the streets of Stockholm. The press event was to be held at Inferno Online, a kind of a gaming café. However, I arrived there pretty early, thanks to the early flight and thus had some time to kill. Besides having breakfast at Burger King (there are no Burger Kings in Finland so I had to give it a try) I made a wonderful discovery.

It’s no secret that I like cats. So imagine my reaction when I walked past a store named “Katt! Katt!” (Cat! Cat!). I have seen the kind of pet stores that sell cat food and other stuff for our feline companions. This boutique, however, wasn’t like that. It was a gift shop including all kinds of cat stuff for crazy people like me.

The shop didn’t open until 11 am so I had to make a mental note to visit the store after the press event. And so I did! It was kind of overwhelming to see all this cat related stuff on sale. Unfortunately I had to think about practicalities like carrying the stuff I’d buy back to Finland so I decided to go easy. I bought just a few items.


Anyways, it was a really nice surprise. The store was pretty small, but apparently there were still two people working at the shop. Like everyone I met during my short visit to Stockholm, the shopkeepers were really nice and seemed very interested in their customers. Katt! Katt! actually has a website, too.

I also had a coffee at Wayne’s Coffee near the cat gift shop. There I had the chance to read the Swedish Metro newspaper. Unfortunately the paper had some dåliga news regarding a local animal shelter. Apparently the cat residents of the Åkeshov animal shelter have to move out while the dogs can stay at the current locale and they’re desperately looking for options. From the plastic bag given in the Katt! Katt! store I also found a donation sheet for Katt Fonden foundation. They’re also helping homeless cats.

Yes, cats! Okay, I’m pretty tired so maybe this is it for tonight. Forgive me for posting this frequently!

I like cats. A lot. Yet I do not “own” a cat. That’s mostly because I don’t want to confine a cute little being to my current box of a flat. A flat I’ll be moving out of in two years. But alas, maybe I’ll tell some more about my relationships to cats through pictures of cats since I’ve decided to share them through this blog. As I don’t have a cat currently I may not have a new picture every week, but I’ve got plenty of pictures and stories in the archives. However, let’s start with a fresh one.

Last Saturday we were celebrating the 30th birthday of my brother and a friend of his. The party was held at Lohtaja (a town near Espoo). Near the end of the trip to the party we stopped at home of my brother’s friend. Suddenly, two wild cats appear (not really wild, I’m trying to make a lame Pokemon joke here)! Of course I was sitting comfily trapped at the backseat of Ford Ka (no doors for backseats) so I couldn’t just run out and pet them to death. Instead I grabbed the camera and quickly took a photo through the window of the car. The kit lens for my Olympus E-PL2 doesn’t have a huge zoom factor so I had to do a bit of cropping, hence the poor quality. But still: cats fighting playfully!