You're not missing anything, there would be just a picture of same old me.


So, you’ve stumbled upon the homepage of Paavo Niskala. “Who is this guy?”, you might ask. I guess the answer would depend on who you would be asking the very question. You see, I have been kind of living a dual life. No, I am not saying that I am Batman or anything like that, but like Batman, I’m very eager to learn new stuff and to try and understand the world around me.

Most people know me because the work I’ve been doing for a variety of game media outlets in Finland, but on the the other hand, I’ve been studying and working on physics at the Aalto university.

Most of the time I am wearing my physicist hat, as I am slaving away on my doctoral dissertation at the Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. The topic of my thesis is plasma physics in the context of fusion energy and specifically tokamaks. I study the interaction of turbulence and plasma flows via advanced computer simulations.

You’ve probably heard about nuclear fusion, right? Well, a commercially viable fusion reactor would really be bonkers, but there are still some puzzles to solve. For example, the fuel turns into plasma in the temperatures required for fusion, and this plasma tends to leak its energy even though we try to keep it together with incredibly powerful magnetic fields. We want to understand the processes that amplify and on the other hand decrease these losses.

But as I said, most people might know me better based on my association with videogaming. I’ve been producing content to a variety of publications here in Finland,  e.g. KonsoliFIN, IGN Finland, Pelaaja magazine,, Gamereactor, and Pelit magazine. I’ve mostly been writing news, reviews, previews and feature articles, but the content hasn’t been limited to just text. I was a founding member of KonsoliFIN Podcast and I’ve visited a few other podcasts as well. Additionally, I’ve produced a variety of video content.

Oh yeah, I’ve also got the Guinness World Record for the longest marathon on a Halo game, at least until someone plays the games a bit longer than 50 hours.

I’ve already established a kind of presence in the Internet. Most people might know me based on my nickname Paavi (Finnish for “pope”). I have plenty of opportunities to write about games in Finnish, but sometimes I might want to discuss something else or address an international audience. On the other hand, I also like to discuss things other than videogames. This blog gives me a platform to do just these things.

If you’re interested in reading more sporadic and random musings, you can follow me on Twitter as @Paavi. On the other hand, if you’re interested in my professional background and profile, you can have a look at that in LinkedIn.

I’m always interested in doing something new and wild, as you might guess based on certain events. So, if you have anything in mind, you should probably ask me because I will most likely say yes.


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