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Last weekend I went out to see Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s newest movie. I’ve pretty much liked every production I’ve seen by Nolan and I love me some science fiction, so I had high hopes for Interstellar. Fortunately, the movie was a very enjoyable experience, although I felt like it had some issues. This… review of the movie will include plenty of spoilers, so watch out, if you haven’t seen it yourself.

Interstellar is set in the not-so-distant future. Mankind is starting to struggle to survive, as some diseases seem to be killing our plants. It paints a rather bleak picture of our future and can also be seen as comment on climate change and the effect our actions have on our environment, although this is not directly stated in the movie.

Humanity’s challenges have made space exploration basically extinct. The US government has even labeled the Moon landings as a hoax, as per the conspiracy theories. While I see movies like Interstellar and Gravity as positive marketing for space exploration, I also took this aspect as a comment on the current state of NASA and lack of manned space missions. A future without space exploration would be a dark one indeed.


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For a non-Finnish person sitting with several strangers in a hot room – naked – sounds maybe a little bit strange, but I do it pretty regularly. I’m of course talking about sauna, that essential invention that is often seen as something very Finnish. Another thing that’s very Finnish is being silent, no matter if you’re sitting in a bus or in a sauna.

I like sitting in sauna, especially alone. It’s one of those pure moments of peace you seem to rarely get these days. I also think too much about what other people think about me, even though I’m one of those “strong and silent” types, at least when among strangers. Combined these features may lead to some uncomfortable situations in sauna: I am always worried about how much water I am supposed to pour on the stove when other people are present. Otherwise I think I would be fine with just sitting in there. Naked.

I was actually thinking about this very thing recently while sitting in sauna after a workout. Then when I went to take a bus home, I noticed another strangely related phenomenon. You know that situation when there are several people waiting for a bus at the bus stop, a bus arrives, and all those people raise their hands to signal the vehicle to stop. Just thinking about it, it feels a bit strange, doesn’t it? But that’s also very Finnish, I would say. Like sitting in sauna, not being worried about being naked but worrying about talking to other people. Huh.