Monthly Archives: February 2014

IMG_0235I actually wrote a longish piece about¬† the newest Trials game from RedLynx in English, but as I also happened to write a review about it in the newest issue of Pelaaja, I decided to not to publish my text here. Long story short: Trials Frontier is a good game hindered by it’s free-to-play shenanigans, but you can read more about in my review. Or you could actually try the game yourself, if you happen to own an iOS device new enough, as it is free to download, although it may not be available everywhere.

RedLynx actually published an update for the game. I have yet to check it out, but it sounded like they were addressing some of the issues at least to some degree. The difficult thing about reviewing a game like that is of course the fact that the game may change a lot through updates. Hopefully RedLynx will keep up doing it. I can’t wait for Trials Fusion that’s coming out later this year. Should be a blast.