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Sunny Greifswald

Seppo Räty, a Finnish javelin thrower, once said famously: “Saksa on paska maa”, which translates to “Germany is a shitty country”. His comment came after a failure to qualify for the finals in Stuttgart in 1993. While I’ve had some negative experiences with Germany, I’m not ready share his sentiment.

I visited Germany last week for the second time ever. Last year we went to Gamescom in Cologne, this time it was the IPP Plasma Physics Summer University in Greifswald. It’s pretty relevant to my studies and my work as I’m currently doing my Master’s Thesis on fusion research in Aalto University. I’m not going to bore you with the physics details – at least not at this time, I’ll probably try to finally write something on the subject here on the blog soonish. Now I’m just trying to write about the other stuff regarding the trip.

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Much like last summer, I had an uncharacteristic burst of cinema-going this summer. It started with the Lone Ranger and continued with Pacific Rim. This week I went to see two movies: The Wolverine and Elysium. I already wrote about Pacific Rim, so why not write a few words about the other movies?

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