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I think I’ve quite often mentioned that I’ve had some difficulties deciding how I should use my time. On one hand I’ve had my studies and on the other hand my passion towards videogames and writing. We’ve now done KonsoliFIN Podcast for almost two and a half years, but in the recent years I’ve got great writing opportunities besides increased (and then decreased) responsibility in KonsoliFIN. First there was the infamous (hardly, as I don’t know if anyone ever read it) Coke Gaming Zone blog on MSN. Then I started writing for H-Twon (Pelaaja Magazine and website).

Late last summer, pretty much out of nowhere, I got a very intriguing offer. I was told that they were planning to bring IGN into Finland. At first I was naturally kind of confused: How? Why? What is this? This came just before KonsoliFIN’s trip to Gamescom last year. Up to that moment I had kept my studies as a top priority, even though I managed to waste a lot of time on video games and writing about them. This offer, however, was one that a person like me could hardly refuse. I knew from the get-go that there would be many difficulties and challenges with bringing a website like IGN to Finland. My studies were pretty much at the point where I could’ve started working my master’s thesis so that was maybe my last chance to really have a go at it and see how working in the games media would feel, even if not full-time but part-time and not as a freelancer.

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I didn’t do much schoolwork during the first half of the year, but I did take a few courses. One of them was the Astronomical view of the world. It had of course pretty much nothing to do with my degree, but I thought it could be fun. The course was divided into two parts: first we had some lectures dealing with the history of astronomy from the ancient times to the modern world and of course information about the current astronomical view of the world. We also did visit Helsinki observatory.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor every lecture we were told to write a learning diary, describing our experiences and giving some thoughts on the matter at hand. I was a little bit surprised how much I enjoyed writing those diaries and rambling about things astronomical. I thought I could put some of the entries here on the blog, but I don’t know. Would they even make sense as separate blog posts without at least some degree of editing.

The second part of the course consisted of doing project works. The type of these projects wasn’t defined very strictly but since I’m a very boring person, I decided to write a report about dark matter. Now that I think of it, I could’ve maybe chosen a more radical subject, maybe something dealing with extraterrestrial life. As always, finding the time (and sometimes the motivation) to write the report was a little bit difficult, but I did manage to finish.

It’s definitely the finest piece of work I’ve ever written, but if you’re interested, you can go and have a read at it from the course webpage. However, you might be more interested in having a look at the other projects. One of the groups decided to make a “Pioneer plaque” for the Aalto-1 satellite – you know those early satellites that took some information about mankind with them, that project was executed in a similar fashion, although maybe not as ambitiously. Another projects produced an overview at Finland’s involvement in all the different space science projects. The sheer amount of involvement might surprise you! And of course there was the project about creating a musical composition based on exoplanetary data…