Monthly Archives: March 2013

Have I ever told you about the time I played Halo: Reach on national television against a middle-aged woman?

Even though I’m a pretty boring person, I’ve been involved in some crazy situations, at least from my perspective. One of these happened in the very end of the year 2010. I suddenly got a phone call from Jarno “Killi” Kallunki-Mättö of Microsoft about a special TV show segment YLE was going to shoot for a show called “Puoli Seitsemän”.

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Every once in a while in life there comes a situation that enables to make a decision. Of course you could basically make these decisions anytime, but at certain moments you have the actual willpower to commit to them mentally. Not just saying “that would be cool, I’ll think about it tomorrow” but instead realize that there no other option but to at least try. Often there needs to be a catalyst that drives this decision and pushes you over the edge.

I had one of those moments a few weeks ago. I was doing my regular weekend thing: hanging out at home, surfing on the Internet after watching an episode of Ancient Aliens, pondering what I really am doing with my life and what I could do different to make things better. And this really isn’t related to the fact that I was watching Ancient Aliens, I don’t really take that show seriously, it’s more of a secondary thing while doing something else like eating or just browsing the net. No, it was a bit more selfish thing about health and – honestly – looks.

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