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I didn’t mean to write really anything about Lightroom 4, but alas, here we are. Before buying the application I toyed around with the Olympus Viewer 2 software. I think it’s decent but now that I have Lightroom I have no urge to return to it. Lightroom 4 is a handy tool for post processing images. You can easily twiddle with settings and also add some effects. Adobe offers a category of built-in presets that, in my opinion, are great for producing black & white photos, for example. If they don’t please you, it’s pretty easy to use the presets as a starting point and create your own look.

I was really surprised by how easy to use the software is. I.e. the spot removal tool is really smart and requires minimal micromanaging from the user. Adding photos, cataloging pictures and “developing” them is fast and effective. Like I said, I did some post processing with the Olympus Viewer 2 software before, but now I tend to do some post processing for all the photos I use. I’m still learning to use the application correctly so pardon me if some of the post processing is a bit over the top. Most recently I started using the noise removal tool, which can be pretty darn impressive.

To keep things short, I’d like to evoke a videogame comparison. For me, Lightroom 4 cost about 60 Euros I think, thanks to the student discount (the student verification process was pretty painless, by the way). For about the same price I could’ve bought a new console game. I’d like to think that Lightroom 4 offers more entertainment and value than an average console game.
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Skiing on ice

Now that I’ve talked about most of my photographic gear, I think it would be proper to write something about the future things. Okay, I haven’t said anything about Lightroom 4, but I don’t know if I have anything worthwhile to share about it. It feels like an amazing program and has encouraged me to do some post-processing on my images. I used to fear that, mostly because I don’t feel like I have any artistic vision and I was afraid I would just mess up things. But you shouldn’t be afraid of trying!

So alright, I’ll list some things I’ve considered doing in the future. Here we go!

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