Monthly Archives: June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II feat kissataustakuva

I fought the urge to buy a smartphone for a long time – and by a smartphone I mean a modern, touch screen featuring multimedia beast. I made due for four years with a Nokia 6120 Classic. I still remember when I bought the phone: I was having my Christmas break from the army service, moving from Kajaani to serve in Helsinki.

I finally gave in last November. I don’t know what actually made me do it. Maybe I realized that I had quite a lot of money and I was missing something when I had no real experience with the mobile devices and touch screens. And of course I’m always hungry for new technology. So I decided to buy a new phone. It was a typically difficult decision for me to decide which phone to buy. I thought about buying an iPhone, but I felt they were way too expensive, so I settled for a Samsung Galaxy S II, even though the phone was pretty old and the third iteration of the Galaxy series was right around the corner. Well, not right around, as we have since learnt.

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