Monthly Archives: February 2012

Runeberg cake & cat mug

So yeah, some of you might have already heard and others couldn’t care less, but I’m starting to write news pieces for, the website of the Finnish gaming magazine Pelaaja. The contract also includes the possibility of reviews and such for the magazine, so we’ll see how that develops.

My agreement with Pelaaja doesn’t rule out the possibility of continuing with KonsoliFIN and I don’t intend on leaving the site. I’ve been working on the site for about six and a half years already. It’s been an active part of my everyday life and given me awesome friends and experiences. Actually, I couldn’t imagine my life without KonsoliFIN anymore, as strange it sounds. KonsoliFIN is “just” a hobby after all. On the other hand, it’s good to try something new once in a while. That’s one lesson I’ve been trying to apply recently in my life.

My contract with the MSN Gaming Zone comes also to an end in the near future, so I’ll be moving on from that project. It’s certainly been an interesting experience. However, I would have hoped more traffic and more visibility for the whole gaming zone, my blog included.

But anyways, there should be some interesting times ahead for me at least. I’ll also have to see what kind of a job I’ll land for the next summer. I should also be finalizing the plans for a master’s thesis for autumn. God help us all indeed.