Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Wire

I have always felt attracted to science fiction. I don’t know exactly why, but in 2004 or 2005 I think, I somehow got really interested in Stargate SG-1. I had seen the movie once before and seen the show on TV a few times. Somehow it became my absolute favorite show. This summer, however, I found a new favorite that really surprised me: The Wire.

I’ve never been too much into police shows and alike. I’ve enjoyed Dexter, but it has a twist on it. I’ve also seen a few episodes of CSI. At first, The Wire felt like nothing special. I really couldn’t get a grasp of the plot. As the episodes continued to roll, I became increasingly attached to the storytelling and to the characters.

The Wire has a kind of a unique style to it. There’s very little music or ambience soundtrack. I’m not an expert in movie storytelling, but the dramatic tension of The Wire comes from simple things done exquisitely right. There are politicians, cops and criminals but there aren’t really bad or good guys. You get to see and maybe even understand the both sides of The Game, as it is called. There are awesome characters like Marlo and Omar, although I admit that Omar tends to be even too cool. The show also includes some heartbreaking and really bleak stuff about how The Game affects people. There’s a lot of humor, too.

The actors and acting are mostly excellent. I don’t want to go too much into detail but there are a few scenes that demonstrate really well how the makers of The Wire use very elegant methods to create a more dramatic feel to a scene without music by just letting the actors do their acting and for example gradually fading out other sounds in the background. There’s very little need for fast action or fast cuts.

So, even though you might not generally like police shows with street thugs and drugs, I recommend you to give The Wire a try. This might not be a typical scene of The Wire but it’s still a great one. No real spoilers here.

Of course, after watching The Wire, I’m now seeing the actors and the characters from the show everywhere from Halo: Reach to Community. Strange and funny.