Monthly Archives: October 2011

I like cats. A lot. Yet I do not “own” a cat. That’s mostly because I don’t want to confine a cute little being to my current box of a flat. A flat I’ll be moving out of in two years. But alas, maybe I’ll tell some more about my relationships to cats through pictures of cats since I’ve decided to share them through this blog. As I don’t have a cat currently I may not have a new picture every week, but I’ve got plenty of pictures and stories in the archives. However, let’s start with a fresh one.

Last Saturday we were celebrating the 30th birthday of my brother and a friend of his. The party was held at Lohtaja (a town near Espoo). Near the end of the trip to the party we stopped at home of my brother’s friend. Suddenly, two wild cats appear (not really wild, I’m trying to make a lame Pokemon joke here)! Of course I was sitting comfily trapped at the backseat of Ford Ka (no doors for backseats) so I couldn’t just run out and pet them to death. Instead I grabbed the camera and quickly took a photo through the window of the car. The kit lens for my Olympus E-PL2 doesn’t have a huge zoom factor so I had to do a bit of cropping, hence the poor quality. But still: cats fighting playfully!


I’ve often had the feeling that I’ve wanted to say or write something personal but didn’t have the right place to do it. The 140 characters in a Tweet don’t always cut it. That’s why I finally decided to open up a personal blog and now you have found it, great!

If you are just wondering who I am, you can actually read more about that in the “About” page. I know, the name of that particular page is just perfectly descriptive. To make it short, I’m a rather young Finnish male who’s especially interested in writing and gaming. The stuff you’ll find in this blog will most likely be related to these two things.

There is a good reason for that too. I’ve been a proud administrator of a Finnish console gaming site called KonsoliFIN since the summer of 2005. It’s an amateur project so none of us is getting paid, but we work hard and take pride in our work or at least that’s how I’d like to think it goes. My personal contributions to the site include news, reviews, articles, videos and most recently podcasts. We started doing podcasts in the beginning of this year and it’s been a really fun ride thus far.

KonsoliFIN isn’t the only thing I’m working on. In the summer I started a gaming blog in the MSN Gaming Zone sponsored by Coke. It’s been an interesting adventure and the first time I’m actually getting paid for writing about games.

Currently I’m also hosting exercise sessions for first year students in physics in Aalto university along with my own studies. It’s needless to say that I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate. It’s been a challenging fall, and I’m not a very good person to say “no” to interesting opportunities.

All this work makes it of course hard to keep on gaming. A few years ago I might have had the time to clock hundreds of hours in games like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Now I’m finding myself looking for shorter, more compact experiences.

So yeah, I don’t know how much time I will find for this blog. I’m not going to make any promises, but I will give heads-ups about new posts in Twitter. A great motivation for this blog was my recent visit to England. In an event called “The Gathering” I met many great people and we communicated using English. I’ve also been using mostly English in my Twitter feed so I decided to have a more “international” blog for once.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment in either Finnish or English.